Price List

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Menu of Services


Pick up and Delivery

Includes both trips

Onsite Repair Minimum
$0.00 (No Minimum!)

General Labor  ("Shop Rate")
We are always looking out for our customers.  If an expense would be cheaper via shop rate, rather than from the menu, we are flexible enough to save you some cash.
$30.00 per hour

Tune Up + Security
Includes Virus & Spyware Program (Microsoft Security Essentials).  Internet connection required. 
Diagnose and repair operating system issues. Install service packs and patches. Schedule automatic defragmentation of hard drive.


Data Backup / File Transfer

A one-time backup of your data to an external hard drive, network attached storage, CD, DVD or another computer.  (Storage device(s) not included)

Install New Hard Drive and Operating System
Includes installation of hard drive, installation of operating system & drivers. Backup and transfer of data.   (Hard drive not included)

Memory (RAM) Install

(Memory not included)


Wireless Networking

Setup & secure wireless router and configure one computer.  (Router not included)


Install Operating System

Installation of operating system and any applicable drivers.  (Operating System "OS" not included)


Install Software Title
Installation of one software title, add start and desktop icon.  (Software not included)

Hardware Install
Installation of one compatible internal or external hardware component such as: video card, printer, ipod, sound card, camera or scanner.

Add Device to Existing Network

Installation and configuration of one additional computer, access point, printer or other compatible device on your wireless or wired network.

Requesting Service
As Easy As:

1. Request Service
By calling (208) 254-0198, or email
2. Schedule
We will schedule a pick-up or drop-off time for you.  Sometimes we can perform your service remotely via the Internet.
3. Service
We will perform the service, and once completed, we will deliver it to you, or you can schedule a pick-up.