Remote Assistance - Windows XP

Start a Remote Assistance Session by Sending a File

Use Remote Assistance via Sending a File

If you use Web-based e-mail such as GMail or other similar services, you can use Remote Assistance by saving your request as a file and attaching it to an e-mail.

To invite us to help you via Remote Assistance:

1.  Click Start, click Help and Support, and then click Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance. This is located under the Ask for assistance heading.

2.  Click Invite someone to help you, and then select Save Invitation as a file.

3.  Enter your name, and then choose a time on the Set the Invitation to Expire drop down box, (the default is 1 hour). Click Continue.

4.  Type in a password and then click Save Invitation. The Save File dialog box appears. Save the file in the My Documents folder as shown below.

5.  Open the My Documents folder, select the invitation file, and then click E-mail this file.

6.  Enter and send the e-mail. We will receive an e-mail message containing your invitation.

7.  After sending the e-mail, you will need to inform us of the password. You can do this in a separate e-mail or over the telephone.

Once we receive your invitation, we can start helping you!